My Mum is 78 and in the early stages of Dementia. A couple of weeks ago she started to experience severe pain and discomfort in her right hip/thigh area. Because she has had a previous hip replacement and the obvious discomfort we saw the GP who prescribed rest and strong painkillers and hinted this could mean a replacement hip operation. With the pain and mobility worsening I took her to The Village Osteopaths in Timperley.

From the moment we were seen she was treated with care and compassion. Her medical history taken. A thorough examination of the back/hips/legs. The probable cause of the pain identified as Bursitis. Then gentle manipulation of the right leg hip and back area with constant reassurance and explanation given. By the end of the first appointment I could see her movements were much freer and the pain had lessened.  She was given one simple exercise she could perform safely at home complete with a simple drawing to remind her how to do the exercise and advised to place ice on the hip muscle for 10 minutes every few hours.

She left the appointment in much less pain and walking was easier. A week on doing exercises and ice as instructed she was walking back to her second appointment virtually pain free.  Another session of treatment and I can honestly say osteopathy has made immeasurable difference to my mum.

Thank goodness we took the advice of someone who uses this osteopaths regularly as it has made a huge difference very quickly I cannot recommend it enough.

Helen Hinchcliffe
The Village Osteopaths

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